New for 2018!


Curry night with dynamic guest speaker John Coles!

Drinks on arrival, popudoms and dips followed by curry with side dishes and naan bread. £25.00 per person.

Thursday 4th October, 7.00pm to 9.30pm.

John and his wife Anne have lived in North London for 35 years and are on the leadership team for the New Wine network of churches, whose primary focus is on enabling church leaders to communicate effectively the good news of God’s promises in this generation. John is the chair of trustees and he led New Wine from 2001-2014. He continues to be involved in teaching and training church leaders. John and Anne currently lead a multi-cultural house church in London.

Mohammad Ali, one of the greatest boxers of all time, once said ‘The man who has no imagination has no wings’. If you are one of the many who feel their life has never really ‘taken off’ it could all change with a little more imagination. The greatest act of imagination is that there is a God who has made us, who loves us and sustains us in a lifetime of adventure, sometimes called ‘faith’.

Curious? Come and hear what John has to say.

This would also be suitable for believers to bring their searching friends.