Healing Ministry


Lin Button and team from Healing Prayer School

(If you booked for 2020, you will soon be contacted about transferring to this new date).

Healing Prayer School is a UK Christian conference and teaching ministry. It is Christ-centred, Bible-believing and Spirit led, whereby we learn to know that we are unconditionally loved in the depths of our being and know the Father’s love in such a way that we experience security, connection and belonging. The process for this is the healing of our past wounds, with the subsequent transformation of our ‘head and heart’. Lin Button, together with a team from Healing Prayer School, will lead this day. The shape of each event is always Holy Spirit led, based on the team’s listening and intercessory prayer.

The day will start at 10am with tea/coffee with the meeting starting prompt at 10.30am. The day includes a 2 course lunch and will end at 4.30pm. The price is £25.00 per person.

TO BOOK PLEASE RING this temporary number during the pandemic 01277 367124 or email admin@nctuk.org