Men's Breakfast

To Boldly Go! Living courageously for Christ

This is our theme for the men’s breakfasts for 2018. We will be looking how we can live the life God intended for us in our daily lives. Through a selection of inspiring speakers we will be looking how we can live boldly for Christ.

The price of £15.00 includes a full English breakfast, with tea or coffee. 08:30 arrival for a 09:00 start, concludes by 11:00

Power for Living

Saturday February 10th

With Steve Brady

At times, our lives can feel like a perpetual plate-spinning act. Where can we find the resources to keep life in balance in home, church, work, etc? Welcome to God’s rhythms of grace that enable us to live wisely.

Steve was born in Liverpool where he was converted in his teens, through a mixture of Bible reading and Everton Football Club! He has been in full-time Christian ministry for almost forty years, and is Principal of Moorlands College. A keen sportsman, he still has an irrational attachment to Everton.

Men Reaching Men

April 14th With Steve Morley

Jesus famously said, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men” (Mt. 4:19). He was talking to men when He said it. Thank God for ministry to women and children. Thank God for the ministry of women and children. But let’s take seriously the ministry of men to men. Follow me, He said. Sitting still or leaving it to others is not an option!

Steve is 57 and lives in Basildon with his wife Dawn and is father to four grown-up children. An Essex boy, converted at 26 with no church background, he was an evangelist from rebirth and began training with Counties Evangelistic Work in 1990. From 1992 onwards he was one of the Counties evangelists in Essex and continues to do so to this day in an itinerant role.

Speaking up for Christ within society

November 24th - Peter Kerridge

Peter holds an impressive track record of success across the radio and media landscape. He is currently the Chief Executive of Premier and has been from October 1996. Peter has been responsible for leading and transforming a struggling radio station into a thriving organisation which is helping the UK church to communicate the gospel effectively in a digital age.

Peter will be sharing about his work at Premier radio and also how we as men can stand for Christ in today’s secular society.