Ladies Days

Our Ladies Days are intended to inspire and equip you in your lives. These days are intended to be a blessing, from the welcoming hospitality, the nurturing environment and the space to be with God, everything is tailored to enable God’s work to unfold in your life. They use a rhythm of input and space to reflect with God and have the opportunity to integrate the teaching into our lives through encounter with Him.

Our theme for 2018 is being Godly women. We will be looking at what it means to live as daughters of our heavenly Father, living as wise women, women of strength and women set aside for God. We will be guided by excellent speakers and also talented worship leaders, as we enter God’s presence.

We look forward to welcoming you here, renewing old friendships and building new ones.

£25.00 to include coffee on arrival, and lunch with tea or coffee. 10.00 am for 10.30am - 3.30pm Girls’ Night Out - £25.00. 7.00pm - 9.30pm

To book please call: 01277 365 398 (option 4) or book online below.

Living as Daughters of our heavenly Father

March 22nd - Becky Harcourt & Gill Hampton

Who are we and what difference does our identity mean for our lives? On this day Becky Harcourt & Gill Hampton will be delving into scripture to inspire and equip us to live as daughters of God and heirs of the Father. Through understanding who we are in Christ we will discover the wonderful privileges and opportunities to live in the fullness for which we are intended.

Based at All Saints, Woodford Wells, Gill is a natural communicator and an incredibly effective networker, Gill is a gifted worship leader and speaker who lives out her passion for Jesus in every day life. She works as a mentor, particularly around leadership, and also works part time on the nursing team at a local health centre.

Becky leads alongside her husband, Paul, at All Saints’ Woodford Wells in NE London, and is a member of New Wine’s National Leadership Team. She enjoys helping people understand and grow in discipleship. She has two teenaged children with special needs, which presents daily challenges but adds richness to life that would otherwise be lacking.

Living as wise Women

May 24th - Anne Coles

Embracing wisdom - celebrating it - seeking it.

There is a need for women of wisdom within our families, churches and society. Women have a unique and vital role to nurture wisdom within themselves and utilise this gift within their lives. Anne Coles will be exploring the need for women to embrace the pursuit of wisdom through Biblical teaching, and looking at examples where we will discover what being wise looks like and how to grow in wisdom.

Anne Coles was for 15 years on the leadership team of New Wine, with special responsibility for women. She has 4 children and 2 grand children and a heart for every generation to know God better and be equipped by His spirit to fulfil their calling. For some 29 years she and her husband John, grew a multi-cultural Church, St Barnabus in North London.

A woman of strength

July 5th - Jen Baker

In a world of strong opinions, a multitude of expectations and the pressure to fit-in, staying true to our beliefs can be difficult. How can we stand firm by our convictions in a way that expresses the nature of Christ? How can we stand up for what we believe in when others are watching closely? On this day we will be inspired and encouraged to live boldly for Christ as we open God’s Word and reflect on where we personally find it difficult, giving us the courage, confidence and character to find our voice in testing times.

Her passion for following God’s call has seen her sell everything and move countries, author two books, and be heavily involved in assisting victims of modern day slavery. Originally from America, she has ministered within the United States, Africa and Europe.

Keeping your whites white

September 27th - Nicky Simms

Keeping clean and holy lives

Being women of God’s Kingdom means we are called to live holy lives. Living in today’s world what does it mean to live lives of distinction, set apart for God and not conforming to the values and pressures placed upon us.On this day Nicky Simms will guide us through what holy living looks like. By tackling the myths, misunderstandings and equipping us with an engaged holiness that works in everyday life we can be released to be holy in all we do.

Nicki is a church leader, worship leader, singer & songwriter. Her vision is to equip and release a generation of 24-7 worshippers.

Women of His story - History

November 15th - Bekah Legg

Being Change Makers Our desires are to fulfil our potential, and make a difference wherever God has called us whether that is at home, work or Church. Each of us are uniquely created and uniquely gifted to fulfil a purpose within God’s Kingdom. What’s yours? Join us as Bekah Legg helps us to overcome the hurdles to pursuing who God made us to be and live out God’s vision for our lives so we live His-story for us.

Let’s believe God for His purpose in our lives to be fulfilled, that we may ‘Go and make disciples’.

Bekah is Director of Mission at Maybridge Community Church in Worthing and Editor of Liberti magazine. She is passionate about helping people to discover what freedom really looks like and how to live out their lives in glorious liberty.