Time Out With God

Men's Breakfasts

The Nationwide Christian Trust is a UK-based organisation seeking to help people find the Lord Jesus and to strengthen them in their spiritual lives through a variety of initiatives (see below).

We believe in strong partnerships, particularly with other leaders and churches. Our vision is to help, support and encourage people in their journey of faith through the provision of resources: we produce Living Light our daily Bible devotional, hold a range of events, operate a Prayerline and produce a weekly Prayer Guide.

We thank God for the opportunity to impact those who visit us or who come into contact with us through our various ministries. Please support us in prayer. You may also like to consider making a financial donation to our work.

Praying for the Nation

We believe that prayer is an essential weapon in the spiritual battles we face and that the God to whom we pray is able to do much more than we can imagine. We believe prayer can, and will, change our nation if we faithfully pray.

Supporting Prisoners and Prison Chaplains

We provide Living Light to prisons and write to prisoners to encourage them in their faith. We also host residential retreats to support prison chaplains at Mulberry House.