For many years the Nationwide Christian Trust has been sending Living Light into prisons to offer spiritual encouragement. Prisoners have been most appreciative and many have written to the Trust, which has led to the emergence of a correspondence ministry. Being able to offer spiritual support and nurture to prisoners is an immense privilege that can play an important role in their faith. Seeing prisoners' faith emerge, grow and flourish, so setting them up for living transformed lives upon release, is the vision that inspires our work.

Pivotal to the spiritual growth of prisoners are the Chaplains, who play an invaluable role in the welfare and faith of prisoners. There is however inconsistent and often insufficient support and funding for the enrichment of Prison Chaplains' ministry. Nationwide Christian Trust hosted two residential retreats for prison chaplains. Over two days, chaplains were given opportunity to be nourished by teaching and space to be still with God. The feedback was very encouraging.

Please would you consider supporting our ministry for prisoners and Chaplains as the need is great and the opportunities plentiful. You can make a difference to the lives of prisoners by clicking now to make a donation online.

Thank you for your support.